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Flower Fairies

These beautiful fabrics from Michael Miller are based on the well-known Flower Fairy illustrations by Cicely Mary Barker.

Fabric is £16.00 per metre

The large panels are 14.00 and measure approximately 108 x 60cm. The matching small ones have twelve different panels, each 23 x 16cm, in two rows as illustrated (overall size approx. 60 x 112cm). These can be bought as a strip of six small panels for 7.00, or 14 for a double strip of twelve.

Click the link on the right to view coordinating Fairy Frosts fabric.

DDC8061 Elderberry Flower Fairies panel
Elderberry Flower Fairies panel DDC8061, celestial
(approx. 110 x 60cm overall
Elderberry Flower Fairies, tossed
Blossom Confetti
DM7842 Fairy Whispers panel
Fairy Whispers panel DM7842, celestial
(110 x 60cm overall, each panel 25 x 19cm)
£14.00 for two rows as shown, £7 for one row.
DM7840 Fairy Whispers
DM7841 Fairy Whispers Border
celestial (detail)
DC7843 Flowers, cream
DC7843 Flowers, cream
DC7843 Flowers, pink
DC7843 Flowers, pink
DC7843 Flowers, blue
DC7843 Flowers, blue
From Dawn Till Dusk panel 6437
From Dawn Till Dusk panel 6437-Nite
6434 Day Fairies
6434 Day Fairies
6435 Dusk Faires border
6435 Dusk Fairies border
Petal fairies panel DC5110-pink-D
Petal fairies panel DC5110-pink-D
Night fairies border DM5048-nite-D
Night fairies border DM5048-nite-D
Cornflower DC3937
Cornflower panel DC3937
Apple blossom DC3936
Apple blossom panel DC3936
Apple blossom DC3935A
Apple blossom DC3935D
Sunshine DC3872B
Sunshine DC3872D
Flower Fairies Magical
Flower Fairies Magical panel

More Flower Fairies fabric

All 16.00 per metre

Flower Fairies DM3929
DM4210 clematis
DM4210 clematis
DC5406-red, Holiday Fairies
DM5406 Holiday Fairies, red