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Inspirations for Christmas

Christmas Advent Calendars & Stockings

A wide selection of Christmas Advent Calendars
and Christmas Stockings for you to make up
is available all year round.
(full instructions on each Advent calendar).

For Christmas Stockings, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Follow the links on the right to view a selection of Christmas panels and fabrics.

Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are £10.00 each or as priced

80130-101 Advent calendar by Nutex, grey
80130-101 Advent calendar by Nutex, grey, £10.00
89920-101 Advent calendar by Nutex
89920-101 Advent calendar by Nutex, cream, £10.00
2106 Festive Advent Calendar
2106 Festive Advent Calendar, by Makower £10.00
2110 Scandi Advent Calendar, grey
2110 Scandi Advent Calendar, grey, by Makower £10.00
2110 Scandi Advent Calendar, red
2110 Scandi Advent Calendar, red, by Makower £10.00
2133 House Advent Calendar
2133 House Advent Calendar, by Makower £10.00
Jolly Santa Stocking Advent Calendar
1958 Jolly Santa Stocking Advent Calendar, by Makower £10.00
Silent Night Advent Calendar
1981-1 Silent Night Advent Calendar, by Makower £10.00
Approx. 60 x 56cm
Stof advent calendar 4595-135
Amazing Stars Advent Calendar 4595-135, by Stof £10.00
approx. 58 x 58cm <
There is a range of 'Amazing Stars' coordinating fabric by Stof
on the Christmas fabric page.
Stof advent calendar 4595-285
Amazing Stars Advent Calendar 4595-285, by Stof £10.00
approx. 58 x 58cm
Stof advent calendar 4595-477
Amazing Stars Advent Calendar 4595-477, by Stof £10.00
approx. 58 x 58cm
89280-101 advent calendar
89280-101 Advent Calendar, by Nutex £10.00,
1798/1 by Makower
1798/1 Mini Stocking Advent Calendar, red, by Makower £10.00
1814/1 by Makower
1814/1 Mini Stocking Advent Calendar, blue, by Makower £10.00
Scandi 3 Advent calendar
1595-1 Scandi 3 Advent calendar
approx. 58 x 63cm (23 x 25in.)
Advent calendar, Wrap It Up
24613-X, Santa's Coming to Town Advent Calendar
approx. 104 x 58cm (41 x 22in.)
Advent calendar, Wrap It Up
1612 Wrap It Up Advent Calendar
approx. 56 x 54cm (22 x 21in.)
Season's Greetings Advent Calendar, Santa on Sleigh
103-314 Season's Greetings, Santa on Sleigh Advent Calendar by Fabri-Quilt
approx. 63 x 58cm (25 x 23in.)
Wonderland Advent Calendar
1466 Wonderland Advent Calendar by Makower
approx. 72 x 52cm (28 x 20in.)
Season's Greetings Advent calendar
103-240 Season's Greetings Advent calendar, stockings
approx. 61 x 56cm (24 x 22in.)

Christmas Stockings

2109 Scandi Stocking
2109 Scandi Stocking, by Makower £10.00
Jolly Santa large stocking
1960 Jolly Santa large stocking, by Makower £10.00
Christmas stocking by Shelly Comiskey
Christmas Stocking, by Shelly Comiskey £10.00
Approx. 60cm (24in.) long