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Spectrum plains, from Makower

Each image below represents approx. 15cm (6in) square

100% cotton. All £9.00 per metre

Spectrum 2000-W01
2000-W01 Optical white
Spectrum 2000-W02
2000-W02 Antique white
Spectrum 2000-Q01
2000-Q01 Ivory
Spectrum 2000-Q02
2000-Q02 Cream
Spectrum 2000-Q60
2000-Q60 Vanilla
Spectrum 2000-B74
2000-B74 Pearl blue
Spectrum 2000-S73
2000-S73 Mercury
Spectrum 2000-X01
2000-X01 Black
Spectrum 2000-B43
2000-B43 Cornflower
Spectrum 2000-B54
2000-B54 Baby blue
Spectrum 2000-B58
2000-B58 Nautical blue
Spectrum 2000-B68
2000-B68 Ocean
Spectrum 2000-B76
2000-B76 Azure
Spectrum 2000-T65
2000-T65 Marine blue
Spectrum 2000-
2000-T60 Aqua
Spectrum 2000-T44
2000-T44 Turquoise
Spectrum 2000-T78
2000-T78 Jade
Spectrum 2000-G04
2000-G04 Foliage green
Spectrum 2000-T64
2000-T64 Vintage blue
Spectrum 2000-T63
2000-T63 Teal
Spectrum 2000-J08
2000-J08 Dark green
Spectrum 2000-G76
2000-G76 Fern
Spectrum 2000-G45
2000-G45 Lime green
Spectrum 2000-G60
2000-G60 Sherbet
Spectrum 2000-G66
2000-G66 Pistachio
Spectrum 2000-G57
2000-G57 Grass
Spectrum 2000-Y05
2000-Y05 Yellow
Spectrum 2000-N47
2000-N47 Bright orange
Spectrum 2000-U05
2000-U05 Vienna orange
Spectrum 2000-R06
2000-R06 Bright red
Spectrum 2000-P60
2000-P60 Baby pink
Spectrum 2000-P45
2000-P45 Candy floss
Spectrum 2000-P49
2000-P49 Magenta
Spectrum 2000-P67
2000-P67 Fuchsia
Spectrum 2000-L03
2000-L03 Mauve mist
Spectrum 2000-P77
2000-P77 Damson
Spectrum 2000-R66
2000-R66 Claret
Awaiting new stock
Spectrum 2000-L65
2000-L65 Forest fruits
Spectrum 2000-L48
2000-L48 Real purple
Spectrum 2000-R47
2000-R47 Burgundy red *
Spectrum 2000-U04
2000-U04 Plain orange *

* Those marked with an asterisk are currently in stock, but discontinued by the manufacturer